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Zoning in Coronado

If you're considering purchasing a home in Coronado it is important to understand Coronado's current zoning map to help you access which part of the island suits you best. And, if you are selling your home in Coronado, it is just as important to be knowledgeable about the zoning of your current property so you can market it to the right buyer. Coronado's current zoning can best be described as organized, separating commercial and residential for the most part, with small pockets of different zoning areas peppered throughout the village. As you can see from the map below, the zoning designations are different throughout the island.

R-1A designated properties are most desirable properties in Coronado for building a single family home. These pockets of Coronado offer the largest lots on the island with lowest level of dwelling units per acre. Overall, there is less density in R-1A areas of Coronado versus other zoning designations. The predominate areas of R-1A zoning on the island include the country club neighborhood, the beach streets, around the golf course between Glorietta and Pomona and blocks peppered throughout the letter streets, most notably on J Ave and A Ave. If you're looking to build your dream home or purchase an existing home with the most space, architectural uniqueness or historical designation - check out R-1A properties first.

R-1B designated properties are also highly desirable lots in Coronado with the biggest difference being the dwelling units per acre allowed are increased. The minimum lot size in R-1B is 3,500 square feet. In many R-1B zoned areas you will find homes that are built on 25' by 140' lots with street to alley access. These are great, livable homes and their popularity continues to increase. The vast majority of R1-B lots are right in the center of town on the letter streets. Many development opportunities in the R-1B designated areas have already been spoken for, however it is still possible to develop 2 homes out of one 50' x 140' lot in the R-1B zoning areas. R-1B zoning is a great choice if you are looking for a single family home with street to alley access.

R-3 designated properties are positioned mostly around the schools. 28 dwelling units per acre are allowed per acre. Because of this, R-3 designated lots have been extremely popular for the construction of cloud condos that live like single family homes containing 2 homes in the front and 2 homes over 4 garage spaces on the alley. This provides more affordability while still retaining a single family home like living arrangement.

The rest of the residential zoned areas of Coronado allow for condo development. As it stands right now, Coronado only allows for the construction of 3 story condo buildings. That change took effect after the construction of the Coronado Shores, Coronado's only high rise condo buildings.

Coronado was recently mandated to build 912 new units in the next housing cycle under Sandag's Regional Housing Needs assessment (RHNA). Many have criticized the formula used to mandate such housing as Coronado is mostly built out and space is limited due to being surrounded by water and a military complex. It remains unclear what zoning changes, if any, may take place due to this new mandate.

As always, if you are looking to purchase a home a home in Coronado or if you have questions about what the zoning destinations mean for your current property in Coronado, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at 619-972-7364 or via email at

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